Some say I just have that magic....

the eye for composure.... I say, judge for yourself

About Me

My philosophy?

Well, when it comes to photos, for any occasion, rather than pay in the hundreds or thousands of pounds for a photographer who does this for his/her bread and butter, I can offer you the whole experience cheaper, simply because I love taking photos!

I model anyway and love seeing the final images of myself, hoping the photographer and I can create an image that will make the person looking actually feel something.

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Working in the studio

When in the studio, it can get a bit busy, with the make up artist, hair stylist, studio manager, models, equipment, clothes and me.  Nevertheless, I thrive.

I am organised, can work under pressure and nothing distracts me… I am fun, energetic and focused. I am keen on short shoots that deliver the results – there is no point taking 100 photos if you know you got the shot in 20. I work with a team who are efficient, intelligent, creative and a bit nuts – like me!  My team and I work with the aim to take the pain away and make you feel pampered, like the celebrity inside of all of us!

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